A message from Susan


Susan's Dog Services

Providing personalized walking/pet sitting services in the comfort of your own home. Servicing most areas in Westfield and surrounding communities.


Greetings and welcome!
     I have a passion and love for animals and have been working with dogs for over 25 years. I started pet sitting for family and close friends over 30 years ago as a part time side business.

     My love of animals led me to become a full-time dog walker and trainer after I obtained my dog training certification from the Animal Behavior College. I love to work with companion pets and their humans. I care for pets in the comfort of their own homes while their pet parents work long hours. I believe a gentle hand and positive reinforcement is the best way to address behavior issues and help pets learn good manners.

     Another path my love of animals has led me to is to develop a line of homemade herbal skincare line.  These items were first created due to allergies my personal pets had to the mass produced products available at commercial pet stores.  I also use me award winning talent as a seamstress to create dog collar accessories, fleece coats and much more!

    In my spare time I love volunteering at local animal shelters whenever possible. I participate in fundraising events and walking the shelter dogs. 

     Thank you and please contact me with any questions!